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>> pretty good ride all around the bay area. there are no hot spots. we are looking at white traffic on the bridges, especially for the bay bridge westbound. pretty smooth conditions on the upper decks for your drive towards san francisco. the other bridges are doing fine this party as well. >> in its effort to combat crime, the city of oakland is pleasing better surveillance cameras starting today. jackie sissel is live in oakland with the details. >> good morning, better cameras but more of them along this stretch of international boulevard. some of the cameras
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are already in place. this one is on a quarter of international and 39 at a mexican restaurant where are unfortunately, the odor was shot and killed in april. that is what spurred this. the city of oakland is going to purchase 30 cameras and to give them to nearby businesses have. they will be inside and outside the business except. the $35,000 price tag was picked up by a redevelopment agency. the one caveat is once these cameras are in place, the owners of the businesses are obligated to share that video with the oakland police department if anything should happen within the view of these cameras. that is causing a little controversy but nonetheless a the hope is that these cameras will help to not only prevent crime but it will capture the crime can help the police departments of some
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of these crimes. the cameras are along international boulevard from 40 a street to fruitvale. >> new this morning, hayward police believe she is a murder of the family of missing nursing student michelle lee does not believe that and they are searching for her again today. will tran is live in hayward where the family in the other volunteers will be assembling. are they starting to do that now? >> not yet. it will be here at 8:00 a.m. and advised by the lead investigator on what to do . this is the six search for michelle. they are not giving up until they find a body or some conclusive evidence that she is dead. hockey here is a video that we got from previous
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searches. you can see they are passing they believe that she is still out there because they have not found any concrete evidence, blood or any witnesses that have said yes she is dead. last time they searched role east bay, they say they will continue searching that area, perhaps they missed something last time. they also plan to start a new area, although they will not say exactly where that area is. earlier this morning i spoke with her brother michael, here is what he had to say about his sister. >> until she is, everyone is going to believe she is alive. that is with the family will always believe. we have done searches in rural areas and have not found anything yet, not even clues that might lead to her. that is a good sign that she is not out there, that she is somewhere safe and that she will be home soon. >> i also ask him recently, the increase the reward money to
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$100,000, is that generated any new leads or tips and he said it had not. they also have a private investigator working on the case but they have no clues at this point as well. the police department will not say why they believe this is a homicide, maybe because there's so much time between his parents and now that i asked michael about that, he said it is frustrating to him but at this point they cannot focus on the police department, all they can do is focus on the search. so far 25 people have committed to the search but even though there are people committed, many others show up including fellow nurses. >> other stories we are watching, jaycee lee dugard survived. police are looking for more possible victims of the look for it. he secretly recorded children in the bay area and now police want to know if one of them was in the caylee garrett. she was snatched off the street by a stranger in
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hayward more than 20 years ago at the age of nine. now, hayward police have been eagerly awaiting to interview the garridos. >> the physical similarities between jaycee lee dugard and mchale garrett, if you put the photos side-by-side are >> phillip garrido is currently serving a four to 31 year prison. >> california is bracing for what they are calling, get in.
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gridlock expected on many freeways. the 405 will be completely shut down, 8 10 mi. stretch of >> authorities have told people to either leave the area ahead of time or to stay home. they do expect that it should go zips smoothly. we will be right back
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as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from san jose.
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, and back under lav
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>> sent a timeless sullivan dan, another casualty of the u.k. tabloid hacking scandal. rebecca brooks announced her resignation. she is the most prominent one to fall so far from this entire san gulf through rupert murdoch's media empire. she said she is leaving because of her desire -- she said that if she stayed it would be putting the company at risk so she is leaving. lawmakers have made a deal that will probably end combinations along this state government shut down and a decade. democratic gov. hot and gop leaders are going to rely on delayed schools and selling bonds to turn future tobaccos that money into cash now.
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>> the president is getting congressional leaders until tomorrow to come up with the deal to raise the debt ceiling. the president is now asking leaders in congress to take three different deficit reduction options to their members to see if any of them can win enough votes to pass the house and senate. meanwhile it is a proposal that is a fallback option, that proposal would give the president the authority to raise the debt limit on his own. president obama is hosting and other news conference on this issue coming up at 8:00 a.m. to take his case to the american people. the deal is not reached by august 2nd, the u.s. government will default on debt. we are watching wall street, the dow was up over 50 points, it is now of just six. the big winner today is an google. announcing a 2.5 billion in profit in just three months. while google shares are of 20 --
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12 percent. >> 40 a.m., we're back with more couple of minutes. a live look for mt. tam.
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casey anthony >> is said to be released from jail on sunday. $1 million is how much aid television producer is one to be offering anthony ford interview upon her release from jail. radar on line showed us the actual check that you see
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here. a california based producer does free-lance work for several television programs including the jerry springer show. he says the offer is officially on the table. >> on our facebook fan page we are asking viewers comedies think casey anthony should take the offer for the $1 million interview after her release. surprisingly viewers unanimously home and do not want to see her interview, they want her to disappear from the media completely. if she does television interviews, she should donate the money to an abused children foundation. you can participate by watching us on facebook and check out our headlines while your there. >> the time is 7:26 a.m.. we have a programming note to tell you about. abc programming beginning at 8:00 p.m., you can see the series finale of friday night lights. that includes the highly acclaimed series right here on kron 4. then, you can watch dateline at 9:30 p.m.
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followed by the kron 4 news a 11:00 p.m.. tonight, local be. at 11:30 p.m.. here is a live look on the debris. traffic is moving pretty well.
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>> 7:29 a.m., here is a recap of the morning stories. surveillance cameras are updated on a dangerous trip of international boulevard. >> volunteers are gathering right now to search for missing a nursing student michelle le. she disappeared back in may after leading kaiser hospital in hayward. friends and family are hoping that she will be found alive. police are considering the case a homicide.
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>> it is being called "carmageddon". officials of already told people to either get out of town ahead of time or to stay hunkered down and try to avoid the traffic. but that we have a live look from the roof camera this morning. there is a low cloud cover hanging over downtown san francisco. low clouds will remain the same this around a clothesline and around the peninsula. walnut creek, a lot more sunshine. foggy and breezy. inland highs are getting into the mid and some cases upper 70's. we are looking forward to that. a slightly
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better day contact. the fault rebuilds as we head into the evening hours again. by monday we should start clearing out the cloud cover. or we will be getting more into the fog and all that coming up with a full check on weather. write out a check on traffic. >> traffic looks pretty good out there. we are hotspot read this friday. lighter than usual traffic on the altemont pass. the bridges look good. on the bainbridge and there are minor delays. there are no delays across the upper deck as he headed to san francisco. it is a smooth and easy ride. a >> the time is 7:32 a.m.. better surveillance cameras are coming to oakland starting today. how you can see the notice of the cameras are right here. they are helping police solve a high- profile crimes. the poor quality of the deal remains an
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issue. jackie sissel is in oakland. and what is the story today? more >> it is just a notice to let people know that these cameras foreigboisare here and a lot mo. this is outside of a mexican restaurant on thirty ninth and international are the owner was shot in killed back in april. how the city of oakland is going to purchase 30 of these cameras and give them to nearby merchants along international boulevard from 40 of the down to fruitvale. it is going to cost about $35,000 to install the cameras inside and outside of the businesses. the one caveat is the business owners are going to have to work with police so that if anything happens and the police need to come in and take
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a look at surveillance videos they will hold it for 30 days. " the hope is that this will deter crime but also, it is a crime fighting tool. if something happens at a nearby store or on a nearby street, they can take a look of the cameras and hopefully solve some of these cases. >> what does all this fine, thought about those cameras for a red light red ink. prepare " >> better quality. it will also have night-vision capability. when >> to this morning where police believe she was murdered but the families of missing our system of michelle le is : of hope that
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they can still find her. when box >> this service will be given 30 minutes. when cunningham will has been gone for more than a month hot-button another toss a and a towel. >> even be sort why -- even br searches, will always believe she is alive until we find her. >> and police say that this is a
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homicide. have they told you what they believe she is murdered and still not alive? >> they still have not. they have told us based on their evidence. that is what they believe. they have not said beyond a shadow of a doubt. until they say that we will believes that she will come back. >> john are you frustrated but what they are saying? >> in other areas we're very satisfied with the police department. they have helped us. noir nintendo >> you are trying to great your old leads by increasing the reward money. did that create a new for you? >> so far not. hopefully someone
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comes fourth. it has bid 48 days now. a wall 48 days? we want her home. >> we wish you the best. mycobiont le, that is michelle's brother. >> we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge. it looks like clouds are starting to clear. you can see the traffic moving into san francisco. another cool day until next week. we will be right back.
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>> a live look from cathedral hill. we are waiting for sunshine and waiting for the warm-up. james fletcher has the answer. >> i love the mt. tam shot. it shows us a low clouds that some folks are dealing with and the blue skies above. on the other side of the oakland hills in walnut creek, you see a lot of sunshine. whecoastal fall will continue to be a fopart of our forecast. gradual warming contract for next week. let's take a quick look at where temperatures are in the current
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hour. mid-upper 50s is the general trend. the fog has pulled back enough to see some clearing. people even in oakland will start to see sunshine. the fall begins to push its way inland. here is where the highs will settle this afternoon at 3:00 p.m.. oakland is a little warmer. that is the way the weather will be today. let's look at the next seven and track at warming trend which we anticipate will begin this
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weekend. the inland temperatures will finally be back to where they should be for the middle of june. upper 80s and low 90s. let's take a look at traffic. >> this morning. we have been watching a great community. there are no hot spots. we have not tracked a single hot spot this morning and we have been looking at much lighter than usual traffic all around the bay area. on the bay bridge, your westbound trip to the upper deck, it will be an easy ride. like traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge has been a problem free all morning long. on the right side of your screen, that is the commute directions. the drive time is around 13 minutes from end to end. that is eastbound and westbound. we're right on the golden gate is still a problem free throw in marin county. southbound traffic is
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moving near the limit. the drive time out of navato is under 33 minutes as you head down towards the toll plaza. >> if you are headed out to l.a. you may not want to. 8 10 mi. stretch of the 405 is being shut down for 50 hours tonight your monday morning. here is a map of the area. >> we have all been warned about the closing. this sign says everything for you. it says to expect big delays. the 405 will come to a screeching halt.
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a 53 hour closure on this highway starts around 7:00 p.m.. every 10 minutes past the deadline on monday the contractor will be fined $6,000. for every hour a whopping $72,000. talk about incentives. they have gotten this down to a science. they have mapped out the entire process. one of the things that people are saying, even if you did not trouble this highway, all of the roads around the area will also be very heavy
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traffic, that is why they are saying no matter where you live in the l.a. area is going to be tight because there are a lot of travelers in the area. they have been telling people for months to stay clear. >> more than half a million people normally drive the 405 daily. how they are calling it "carmageddon". jeff blue is offering $45 one-way trips. >> we are now learning the identity of the man who was killed in a crash yesterday, 52 year-old kenneth brown, a doctor and associate professor with the department of psychology at ucsf was killed in the cell crash when the shuttle brush collided with the big rig in san francisco. he is being remembered as a gifted predicator and expert in by color and a psychotic disorders. her he leaves behind
7:51 am
a husband and two children. >> new details, gave the judge ordered steven hyashi to stand trial and the fatal mauling of this to your world step grandchild. the toddler was fatally mauled by a least three pebbles after the child wandered into his garage in concord. the judge has increased the charges against hyashi. it or felony child abuse, now he's being
7:52 am
charged with involuntary manslaughter. the judge rejected a prosecutor's request for second degree >> the woman charged with stealing a vehicle with a toddler inside turned herself in. they stole the car while the baby's mother was inside of a food bank in morgan hill on may 1st. the baby and car recovered a few miles later in salinas. we will be right back >> as the kron 4 morning news continues. traffic is slow on 101 northbound.
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>> the american people expect that we actually try to solve this problem. during the course of these discussions with congressional leaders, what i tried to emphasize we have a unique opportunity to do something big. we have a chance to stabilize america's finances for a decade, 15 years or 20 years, if we are willing to
8:01 am
seize the moment. what that would require would be some shared sacrifice and a balanced approach that says we are going to make significant cuts in domestic spending and i have already said i am willing to take on domestic spending to lowest percentage of our overall economy since dwight eisenhower. it also requires cuts in defense spending. in addition to the 400 billion we have already cut from defense spending we are willing to look for hundreds of billions more. it would require us taking on health care spending. that includes all looking at medicare and finding ways that we can stabilize the system so that it is available not just for this generation, but for future generations and, it would require revenue. even as we are asking the person who needs a student loan or the senior citizen or veterans trying to
8:02 am
get by on disability, even as we are trying to make sure that all of those programs are affordable we are also saying to people like myself who can afford excepit, that we are able to do, that millionaires and billionaires are able to do more, the close corporate loopholes so that oil companies are not getting unnecessary tax breaks or that corporate jets owners are not getting unnecessary tax breaks. if we take that approach, i am confident that we can not only impress the financial markets, but more importantly we compress the american people that we can actually get something done once in awhile. let me acknowledge what everyone understands, it is a difficult to do a big
8:03 am
package. my republican friends have said that they are not willing to do revenues and they have repeated that on several occasions. my hope is that they are listening and not just to lobbyists for special interest here in washington, but they are also listening to the american people. various polls show it is not just democrats who think we need to take a balanced approach, republicans as well. the clear majority of republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should include some revenues. that is not just democrats. that is the majority of republicans. you have an entire slow of republican officials from previous administrations, you have a bipartisan commission that has said we need revenues.
8:04 am
this is not just a democratic understanding, this is an understanding that i think the american people have, we should not be asking sacrifices of middle-class or working hard every day, from the most vulnerable in our society, we should not be asking them to make sacrifices if we're not asking the most fortunate to make sacrifices as well. i am still pushing for us to achieve a big deal. what i also said to the group is, if we cannot do the biggest deal possible, what's still be ambitious. let's still try to at least get a down payment on deficit reduction. that we can actually accomplish here without huge changes in revenue or significant changes in entitlements, but we could still send a signal that we're serious about this problem. the
8:05 am
fallback position and the third option, the least practical is one in which we raise the debt ceiling, but we do not make any progress in revenues or deficit. this problem will continue to plague us for months and years to come. i think it is important for the american people that everyone in this town set politics aside, that everyone sets individual interests aside and try to do some tough things. i have already taken heat from my party for being willing to compromise. my expectation and hope is that everyone in the coming days will be willing to compromise. the last point that i will make, we are obviously running out of time. what i have said to members of congress is, over the next 24-36 hours, you
8:06 am
need to give me some sense of what your plan is to get the debt ceiling raised through whatever mechanisms you can think of and show me a plan in terms of what you are doing for deficit and debt reduction. if they show me a serious plan, i am ready to move, even if it requires tough decisions on my part. i am hopeful that over the next couple of days we will see this logjam broken because the american people understand and want to see washington do its job. >> there, you have president obama wrapping up talks as the u.s. tries to raise the debt ceiling and cutting spending. the u.s. government spends 4 billion more a day than it takes in. 125 billion a month. harpener >> another kind of ceiling is
8:07 am
the ceiling over san francisco, it is kind of low this morning. we're waiting for clouds to lift. >> we have the tops of buildings obscured by low cloud cover. it will eventually pull back. i do not know san francisco will see clear skies, probably not, but other locations will. low clouds and cool temperatures. partly cloudy and breezy with temperatures still in the mid- 70s. overnight the fall will push back in and set us up for another foggy start tomorrow morning. sahere are your current temperatures.
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>> the traffic coming into san francisco is still moving without delay. only a light back on the bay bridge toll plaza. on the sand detailed bridge, a problem free. a 13 minute drive time from end to end. your commute on the golden gate bridge, still a good commuter marin county. no delays on the span. the time is now 8:10 a.m.. we will take a quick break and kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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>> another casualty in the u.k. newspaper hacking scandal.
8:12 am
rebecca gross is announcing her resignation. she is the most prominent victim of the scandal racing through rupert murdoch's media empire. >> let's take a look at the big board, the dow was not doing too much. we heard the president talk about the debt ceiling. the dow was up just over nine points. we are back with more than a couple of minutes talking about all kinds of things with gary radnich. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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>> the time is 815 a m. gary, you're looking live at the 405 freeway that is shutting down. "carmageddon". do you know about this? >> i do not. >> lady gaga @ tweeted about this, as a couture made them tweed, the government ask them because they want people to stay away from southern california.
8:16 am
>> from 7:00 p.m. tonight until monday. the freeways are jamming up already. a 10 mi. stretch of highway is being shut down. it is going to be a mess. >> how do they expect people operate? >> a half-million people use this freeway a day. they tell people to grab the $4 or $5 slides that they have some locally or stay they're doing upgrades that have been sorely needed. there are some airlines that are running for dollar and $5 specials along beach. i wish it would do that all the time. >> that is pretty
8:17 am
>> , i always wonder, we have all been stuck and wondering, what is taking so long? they cannot do this and have the roads open by 8:00 a.m.. >> gary, i know you do not care, you do not go anywhere. hooks how about this, who would you rather be for a day? the survey just came out. president obama or justin beiber? president obama >> . >> that is what most people said. >> i would not wish that job on anyone but for one day, it would be fascinating to see but he goes through. with justin beiber
8:18 am
you have a pretty good guess, he sings, girls scream and then he watches his hair. >> justin beiber was dead last along with tom brady. as you do not want to be married to a mall and the famous quarterback? how >> he is one of the few superstars with his wife makes more than he >> the research is always funny. why would you want to be will ferrell and not tom brady? >> all of the star athletes are
8:19 am
in town this weekend. everyone was asking if michael jordan was going to show. when the nba would find him because he is an owner and they did not want him talking to players. he got the ok but he cannot talk to players. ha >> i did not know if they would allow him to be there. charles barkley shows of every year, he is not a team owner though. >> michael jordan is there, everyone is there. >> i was always raise, if you could watch michael jordan play basketball and stand in line for however long it takes, to watch him do something else, what for? let's say that you are 18
8:20 am
general manager, if you were caught even saying hello to a player you would be fined $8 million. >> it is not just michael >> i never really got off on watching them do something else other than their sport. >> the fines are out in this for game suspension in this melee. did you see the bullpen clear? devotees. -- david ortiz. was someone holding him back? >> this is the first time. then, he stepped back to the plate. >> he has to do that to show solidarity.
8:21 am
>> here is the thing is going to get, he hits the ball, he starts to run and then he runs straight for the picture. her >> here is the thing, when you make that much money, do you want to play four games without pay? her if you are making 40 million or 15 million, that is a lot of money just to get even. it is better to just look like you would kill him and then hold back. poor my line is, if you are angry and want to fight, all
8:22 am
of these guys live a pretty good life, in the heat of the moment you have to look like you're standing up for yourself but if you want to give up 3 to $25,000 a game just to hit a guy? >> as a mother and non a sports fan i say, you are babies! >> you have to go out there and hope to god that your teammates, and holding back. >> it is all ridiculous. >> they look like that are legitimately fighting. so >> i will see you on monday. the time is 823 a m, we will be right back.
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>> two planes collided at boston international airport. and no one was injured. >> he felt shaking, it was like we went over a pot hole. >> the flight attendant pick up the phone and said, we lost a wing. >> it could have happened in the year or as we were taking off. i was thinking, it could have been worse. >> the passengers were put back to the terminal and placed on other flights. the faa is investigating. >> the time is 827 a m, we're back with more than a couple of minutes. high blood look at the
8:27 am
golden gate bridge. -- a live look at the golden gate bridge.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> the time is 829 a m. here is a recap of the stories this morning. it opened a business owners and police are updating video cameras on a dangerous stretch of international art. police will be able access the video as a part of a crime prevention program. volunteers are gathering to search for missing a nursing student michelle le. family and friends are holding out hope the hayward police classified this case as a homicide. >> they will be closing down the
8:30 am
4 05 freeway 48 10 mi. stretch. there are calling it "carmageddon". a half a million cars a day use the stretch of roadway. >> it will be a mess. >> from san francisco, cloudy. not so bad in walnut creek. inland spas will be warmer than yesterday. will clouds and coastal fog are part of the morning mexix. the warming trend will kick in this weekend. the 7 day forecast coming up. >> in quiet morning, we are
8:31 am
still not tracking any hot spots. the bay bridge has been one of the best rides. the back up on the bay bridge toll plaza is reaching only to the middle of the east bloclot. >> better surveillance cameras being installed in the city of oakland's. jackie sissel is alive in oakland to explain why. >> and not only better but more of them. " there are notices on international boulevard for people to expect to be under surveillance. here is a shot of one of the cameras already up in front of a mexican across from on 39 and international bureaucrat. back in april the os
8:32 am
shot to a and killed. the city of oakland purchased 30 of these cameras at $35,000, that is coming out of a redevelopment money. these will be placed at different businesses, inside and outside of the businesses along international boulevard from 40 a street to fruitvale. the hope is that they can cut down on the amount of crime. not only cut down on crime, but crime does happen it will have video evidence. part of the agreement is, as long as the businesses allow the cameras to go in, they will have to allow the oakland police department to look at the video is a need to. after 30 days the tapes are recorded over a perio. the cameras will be ind over the next days, weeks and
8:33 am
months. today is the first day of that program. >> bay area police are now looking into whether there are more possible victims of convicted sex offender phillip garrido. take a look at these pictures. that is michaela garecht on the left. that is jaycee lee dugard on the right. dugard was kidnapped and raped and held in captivity for 18 years at his home in antioch. garrett was taken off of hayward st. more than 20 years ago at the age of nine. police have been eagerly awaiting an interview with the garrido's about this case. maureen kelly spoke to the garrett family about why she thinks garrido is the man responsible for her daughter's disappearance. >> on the david jaycee lee dugard was found i believed mchale would be found. >> that hopes faded when hebert investigators failed to turn up evidence linking the caleb to
8:34 am
philips and nancy garrido when they searched the antioch compound in 2009. her mom says despite the lack of physical evidence there are compelling reasons that phillip garrido is one of six persons of interest police are looking at in her daughter's disappearance. one reason is how closely resembles the sketch of the suspect. >> i even heard from mchale is friend who was an eyewitness, she thought that it could be him. she said it looked like it never that she saw. >> now, the revelation that the garrido's was videotaping young women which started around 1989, one year after mchale was kidnapped. that obviously means that he was out patrolling for kids. i understand he was in some sort of halfway house in 1988, but i know that he had freedom to come and go. i know that nancy was in the house in
8:35 am
1988. i just want peace. i just want to know where my daughter is. >> maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> new details, a judge orders 53 year-old steven hyashi to stand trial in the fatal mauling of his two year-old step grandson by pit bulls last year. hyashi will be facing trial for involuntary manslaughter. >> hey 30 6:00 a.m.. let's get a look at the weather. we're waiting for more sunshine. -- the time is 836 a m. >> the sunshine is getting there. in the south bay we have sunshine hitting the streets and it will get better as the morning progresses. san jose right currently at 58
8:36 am
degrees. topping off at 71 this let's take a look at the wind. breezy through the golden gate and up through the delta. dusty conditions. hot temperatures right now are on the mild side. and warmer in the south bay. as you head out for your evening commute, you'll see the fall pushing in past oakland and into
8:37 am
the san ramon valley. by midnight we will have false bay area wide. whe >> let's talk about the warming trend and the 7 day forecast. saturday kansas sunday, of low 80s, by monday and tuesday the numbers increase up to the upper 80's, low 90s, closer to where we should be for made in july. sunshine is a big part of the forecast for next week. how is traffic, george? >> pretty good. hotspot 3 all
8:38 am
morning. that may be changing in the san jose area, word of an accident that occurred on 80. we will check that and a state that in our next report. for now, a bridge check and a look at your ride on the upper deck. a great to meet all morning long. the metering lights are active but there is only a minor impact up, the bay bridge toll plaza. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been a problem free and back up free in both directions. eastbound there are no delays between 101 and 880. on the golden gate bridge, still problem freeze for marin county. there are no delays as you head south on the toll plaza from made stand. >> we will be right back with more on traffic.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> if you are headed into southern california, be ready for big traffic delays. a 10 mi. stretch on one of the busiest freeways will be shut down for 50 hours a starting tonight. 405 freeway. we will zoom in and highlight the area that will be shut down from 101 down to the 10. h >> with the 10 mi. stretch shut down, it does not matter if you for going from northern california to southern california, all of the alternates will be jammed. >> especially on interstate 5 which is just to the right how
8:43 am
that comes straight down from the bakersfield area. anyone driving, even if you're trying to get to san diego, you are likely to get caught in heavier than normal traffic. >> i was just talking about friends, a lot of people choose to drive to l.a. or san diego. did not do that this weekend. >> the 405 is a great bypass for people going straight to san diego, you do not have to drive through downtown. >> and there is. there is the 405. it looks like it is moving good. >> so far this morning the traffic is pretty light. maybe people are starting to get the message. >> they have been talking about for months. >> we have been telling everyone about it. this is not just in l.a., people are talking about
8:44 am
this from san francisco to san diego. we have been giving live shots of warning to other affiliates, it is not just eight l.a. problem. this is one of the busiest highways in the nation. a half million cars on this freeway on any given weekend, especially through that 10 mi. stretched that we are talking about. when you close this down, you are asking for trouble. how much trouble? we do not know. at 10:00 p.m. is when the clock will start ticking, 53 hours and counting, the city and caltran all have this down to a science. it is not a big explosion or the bridge will come tumbling down, it has to be done this slowly and meticulously. part of the bridge has to be left intact to be used over the next 11 months before they do that portion. a
8:45 am
lot of people probably took the day off because they knew that it was starting today and they did not want any trouble. how do you get from one place to another? jet blew, yesterday, started offering a $4 fierce from burbank to orange county, to long beach, so that you could fly over. $4 roundtrip. >> i want that deal! kro >> we are not strangers to this sort of thing. we had the bay bridge torn apart for a weekend, it isn't there a small possibility of that you guys are making a big deal out of this? >> we have all been saying, is this all-? hollinge hype? you he
8:46 am
mayor and city leaders out there talking about this, we have to prepare. hawkins we even had shirts made. >> that is cute! wh >> the other thing we should point out, one thing that los angeles has that we do not have aids a great work of streets, a major arterial streets that crisscross the entire basin. they have so many choices. they really do have a lot of options.
8:47 am
>> vowe will see what happens. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside of mt. tam above the faultog.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> all glenda business owners are installing new video cameras. >> on our facebook fan page we have been discussing this topic about the upgrading of these security cameras around oakland. we asked viewers if they thought the cameras would make a difference. we have gotten a
8:51 am
mixed response. here is what one viewer had to whatnew-lin -- here is what a few viewers had to say. >> onto weather and traffic, a complete check to find out what is happening this weekend. >> we have a look at mt. tam this morning. cloud cover in disguise. that is the mix we have been dealing with over the past week or so. it will not be
8:52 am
to much longer until san jose gets up near 60 degrees. " " will wake up tomorrow morning with false sense a cloud cover. a few more days of that before sun shine in disguise role leather. let's take a look at
8:53 am
the 7 day forecast. tomorrow inland temperatures will be near 80. sunday, warmer, monday warmer yet to. we will be backed up to 90 degrees, closer to where we should be. now, let's check on traffic. >> our first hot spot on highway 880 and san jose, southbound near first street downtown. now the accident is cleared but still creating something of a visual hazard for both south down and the northbound right. the slowing begins on 237 on the southbound side. quebec is not unusual to see slow traffic leading up to the 101 interchange but this
8:54 am
morning is a very unusual. as you can see it is otherwise light all over the south bay. again, the good news is of the lanes are open. the delays could cause an extra 5-10 minutes for yourself down to ride. about taking an alternate route to. boeing the bainbridge has been an easy ride all morning long. on the san mateo bridge, a problem free. the ride on 101 from marin county is still a problem free. >> a quick break and a reminder about a programming change.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> a civil hearing against casey anthony. the woman claims of defamation of character because she shares the same name with a woman casey anthony claimed kidnapped her daughter. there is a man seeking a dna test to see
8:58 am
if he is the father of casey anthony. and >> we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
the honor of this mexican restaurant was shot and killed back in april and that was the reason why these cameras were installed. the cameras cost about $35,000 and came up from our renovation fund. if a crime is committed in their area they will have disappeared in surrender the take to the police department. chisholm do to
9:03 am
reduce crime in this area. >> 9 03 a.m. jaycee dugard survived and we are asking if there were more victims of philip ago we'd all they want to know if one of his victims was my kayla to guarantee. they are waiting to interview the garrido >> the physical similarities between the two they look like sisters. and also the similarity to the likeness
9:04 am
and the composite sketch that was put together with arid deduction that combined with allowed of the other circumstantial similarities. philip was paroled shortly before mchale was abducted. >> her mother is waiting for them to volunteer de puerto. >> and a 10 mi. stretch of the 4053 well it will be shut down. they have been preparing the public for weeks. transportation officials said of the word
9:05 am
is out and they do not expect massive gridlock. >> this is a peak from our roof and we are waiting for the clouds to clear we'll be right back ñç @p@po'
9:06 am
9:07 am
9:08 am
. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news is now 9:09 a.m. we are still dealing with that low cloud cover. >> we are watching wall street with the dow jones has been wavering all
9:09 am
morning. google stock has been soaring it is close to $50 per share. president barack obama speaking a short time i go he is still pushing a deal to cut spending if some deal is not met by august 2nd in the united state this will not be able to pay their depth. there's same failure is not an option the united states has want a credit card and it is our obligation to pay our
9:10 am
bills. we could have and situation where interest rates on all credit cards would go higher for everyone. >> lawmakers have made a deal along missed a state shut down if the state lawmakers code along with this all the parks and public facilities in minnesota well be reopened they have been stuck down since before the july 4th holiday.
9:11 am
we do not have the fog like we did yesterday it will be another cool day. have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352. time right now 9:14 a.m. lolled of low cloud cover. we're getting a little bit of wind. it is going to continue its debris scen stay b. this is a look of your current temperatures around the bay area and as we head
9:15 am
into the 10:00 hour we will start to see things start to warm up. we will see the fog pushed through to the delta we may wake up to little bit more drizzle in the morning. this is a look of temperatures for later on in the afternoon. we will keep in mind the 60s along the coast. winds will wind down on sunday this is a look of your seven day forecast talks and we have an eye is warming trend. temperatures
9:16 am
warming back up to the '90s. >> we have one hotspot we track this morning it on 880 southbound accident is now cleared and much improvement. it looks like it would any other day of the week. it will not cost you much time. conditions
9:17 am
continue to will improve it will not be a hot spot much longer. this is a bridge check a light ride for the bay bridge and his then like all morning long the san mateo bridge problem free. and the golden gate bridge has been without the trouble all morning long. >> we're now learning the identity of amanda was killed in a crash yesterday it was 52 year-old kevin mack he was a psychology of fashion professor he is
9:18 am
remembered as a gifted and dr. he leaves behind a husband and two children. he was riding on the shuttle bus when it collided with a big rig he was ejected from the boss and landed underneath the truck. they are asking you to do a complete assessment of this id dangerous intersection. haag' >> mark lugo hot has now been accused of stealing and other art pieces from new
9:19 am
york they found a stash into his home in new jersey he is also accused of stealing $6,000 worth of wine. >> i saw mr. lugo grab two bottles of wine that on monday them on friday he came back and got the third one. he came back to the store two weeks later and one of the employees spotted him and reported it to me and i chased him to the parking lot. >> new details in the casey anthony case. the judge in the case is recusing himself a woman is suing
9:20 am
her for defamation of character meanwhile there is a south carolina in may is seeking a dna test he states he is the father of caylee. >> want million dollars is reported at the price at one producer is offering to interview casey anthony. he as a producer of the jerry springer show. >> we're all holding a pull on our face book page if
9:21 am
casey anthony should take that $1 million for that interview this is some of the remarks. >> we have a programming note we have changes of for friday night we will be airing some nbc programs we will be showing you above season finale of saturday night lights at 8:00 p.m. at 9:30 p.m. we will have dateline and then the kron news will be on at 11:00 p.m. it is getting more foggy on the mt. tam side. we will be right back
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
scary moments for passengers aboard a a an airline a at boston logan airport a larger plane was a delta flight and hit the smaller regional flight the passengers said they felt a big bump. >> i thought we ran something over the next the window of flights were flashing out side. >> i heard the flight attendant pick up the phone and say something about we lost a wing. >> it could of happen when we ran the error as we were taking off. >> the passengers were taken by bus back to the terminal and put on other flights the
9:26 am
faa is investigating. >> you only have a few days left to enterprise suite 648 kobe each reader. it is like your own a personal library does go to our web facebook page >> a slight increase on the dow jones. google reported eight increase of $2.5 million >> it is a weird thing what
9:27 am
does google make? >> we will get you up-to- date on the weather and traffic when return.
9:28 am
9:29 am
a recap of the morning our. surveillance cameras are being installed along international boulevard this is to deter violence in that area. >> the family is once again
9:30 am
gonna continue the search for missing nursing student michele leaks. >> an armageddon will begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight. get out of town lull before perot shut down. >> i wanted to get art viewers take on a car mechanic this is some other remarks
9:31 am
you see at work as a condition of over san francisco we are going to warm up we might get up to 60 degrees today will cool back down into the upper 50s overnight. we do have some changes to talk about as we work into next week it will begin to feel like summer once again we will have more
9:32 am
details coming ups. and this is look out fog tracker 4 as we head into the overnight hours you see the fog work its way back over the coast. and i'll look at our seven day forecast. >> we have cleared up the only hotspot we had this morning it slowed the ride down and it is now clear. the upper deck on the bridge is the best we have seen
9:33 am
that. >> life to oakland where cameras are being placed to fight crime. and also the signs to warn people >> the signs are up that you are being watched now this is all along international boulevard 30 cameras were purchased by the city of oakland. this is a mexican restaurant back in april the altar was killed. they are being given to the merges all along international boulevard. under the
9:34 am
program the emergence they get these cameras are obligated to share the video with the oakland police department if asked. it is all part of an effort to the increase the crime in this area . >> he is going to stand trial for the murder of his
9:35 am
a step grandchild kneepa. he has been charged with felony child abuse to involuntary manslaughter he is also being charged by a second degree murder. >> the family of missing nursing student michele lee hope they will find her alive somewhere. they are and to conduct another search >>. today is this six search and you see the cars pulling out of the parking lot. we saw several cars heading out of this parking lot. they
9:36 am
still believe michele lee is alive even though it is been 48 days since she was last seen. hayward police classified this as a homicide. the family said and there is no hard evidence that she is deadpa. this being a mother of nine half since her disappearance to you still believe she is still alive? >> there is no evidence to the contrary if you are family member. you are holding on to the hope. even
9:37 am
with the passage of time you still hold on tibet thin thread and of helpinope. >> with that the counterproductive for their billing process? >> no even with the passage of marry years you may reconcile yourself you do not give any kind of healing or closure as long as the case remains open. it is
9:38 am
better to now and then have an open wound for ever. >> there was no at hard evidence to lead to michele. >> i cannot say where we can or what areas we are going to search. >> this is off the press they were recently dated the a reward even though they have a private investigator they are adding: another $5,000 to their reward their
9:39 am
also searching tomorrow hopefully they will get some answers >> will be back with the kron 4 morning news continues and we look at the bay bridge and the span over san francisco
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
in 1945 a.m. a man that is accused of stealing that picasso's sketches in court today. what happened in court this morning? >> mark lugo what dan it was cleanly shaven and pled not guilty his attorney argued
9:46 am
that his $5 million bond should be lowered. the judge refused and said he will keep it at $5 million he talked about the safety of businesses he is suspected of just walking in and walking right back out. he can get around pretty well he is from the east coast and was found north of our city. >> did they address the gathering paintings he has stolen?
9:47 am
>> the judge address steps and they will be back in court sometime in august we will have to await and see what the next debt is in this case. he is wanted for questioning also on the east coast. >> also with the seven other paintings said they found on the east coast. >> what would you do with them in other hot you cannot show them they could prevail and underworld or a situation with a man that did not know what to do with it >> time now is 9:40 a.m.
9:48 am
>> we are seeing the sun pushing on through and we are still dealing with low clouds we will keep it cool and breezy as well. is going to fill all little bit more like summer next week. a lot of low cloud cover this is our fault tracker as you see it pushes inland as we head into the overnight hours. there may be drizzle tomorrow morning. this is a
9:49 am
look of temperatures right now all around at the bay area. and our seven day forecast >> there was a report of a bicyclist struck up pedestrian it has backed up to traffic onto the 280 extension. otherwise it has been a good morning. the san mateo bridge has been a problem free and the golden gate bridge has been an easy ride all day long. >> 950 is the time right
9:50 am
now. breaking news on that the guy that stole the picasso sketch. they go to his house and find all these paintings inside his home. what we do ticket? >> there are a lot of aware of the people that want private paintings in their own private collection. a guy like this has connections and that is where these beanies and go that is the market. a wealthy man from a third world country once it and will pay for it. they are stolen and moved it will go
9:51 am
from collector to collector. for something to be in or someone to be caught red handed it is unusual. if he wants a lesser sentence he will have to start talking. this is like organized crime they will walk all the information they can from the sky it is a fascinating case. so this was a significant arrests made in san francisco. >> i let's talk about roger clemens the prosecution's
9:52 am
those of video that judge ito barred with his wife talking about steroids >> prosecution made a mistake that judge in the second day did not want a ticket to paint dust did think the trial this could be a major mistake most of the time the judge it would admonish the the jury but in this day he felt it was so significant he declared the mistrial. the judge said that this is a mistake of first-year law student would not even make. you cannot
9:53 am
let criminals go free. are we gonna let criminals go just because the prosecution shows the jury something they're not supposed to. the judge is the the court of locks and can use his discretion if it is a waste of taxpayers' money. >> ok we'll see you next friday at this time we will be right back ]s
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
we weren't upper all-star break but the groundskeeper at at&t park chain adds former the field to a soccer field in grounds people were immediately after the match to marled and put it back into a baseball stadium. >> you will still political or today than it will be on monday. >> are keeping an eye on wall street in it looks like it will be a flat ending. >> that is different today and hope to see you back here on monday stay tune for dr.phil.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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